2021 Virginia Fire Rescue Conference

Exhibitor Information for the 2021 Virginia Fire Rescue Conference. 

Hello from the VFCA -- we hope all is well as we navigate these uncharted waters together and hope to see some semblance of normal returning soon to our State, Country and the World.  As you likely know advance registrations for the 2021 VFRC were taken at the 2020 VFRC and as a result of those reservations the Expo Hall is a little over 92% sold for the 2021 VFRC.  Specifically there is 8,100 square feet available inside the hall ( 3 larger spaces between 800 - 1200 sq. ft and 40 booths and the expo floor is 93.5% sold!).  In addition, there are 11 booth spaces open in the Lobby.  As we get closer to the fall we do expect the expo hall will be sold out as in the past.  I wanted to reach out to you today to bring you up to date on space availability and encourage you to consider registering sooner rather than later if you plan to attend the 2021 VFRC.  There are still some good spaces available on the floor but the longer you wait these will be reserved.
Below is the direct link to the 2021 VFRC Vendor Registration site - we hope you will consider joining us for the 2021 VFRC in Virginia Beach!  Thanks for your past support!!!!