Mulch Fire Data Collection


To capture mulch fire incidents with damage in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Mulch is a prime location for fires to start due to improperly discarded smoking materials.  The mulch typically ignites, smolders and then produces open flames that can easily extend up a structure.  The temperature produced is sufficient to ignite adjacent combustible material to include combustible wall finish(especially vinyl siding) on the exterior of the building.

Several locations in Virginia have either enacted, or are considering to enact, local ordinances to address this problem.  This has been met with some resistance with legislation being introduced in the 2016 General Assembly legislation session in an attempt to prevent such a local ordinance.


For any fires that originate in mulch and cause any damage, complete the VFCA Mulch Fire Data Collection Form that can be found by clicking here.  The data from this form will be utilized to create a Statewide database to document the fire problem.  

Send all forms & direct any questions to:

Ian Bennett,  Deputy Fire Chief - Harrisonburg FIre Department

101 North Main St.

Harrisonburg, VA 22802

(540)432-7703 (office)      (540)432-7780 (fax)

Email: [email protected]