Virginia L.A.S.T.

Virginia Local Assistance State Team

“Supporting Virginia’s Fire and EMS Service Survivors”

“If a line of duty incident occurs, call L.A.S.T. first”

The VFCA LAST team is an outreach of the national fallen firefighters foundation, and it is administered by the VFCA Health and Safety Committee. The team is comprised of approximately 40 members consisting Chief Officers, Honor Guard Commanders, Fire Service Chaplains, And a Behavioral Health Specialist. Our members also consist of staff members from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. LAST Team members are spread across the commonwealth enabling the team to be onsite of the requesting department within 6 hours of being requested. We assist a fallen fire or EMS providers department and family with logistical planning and post line of duty death administrative functions. LAST Team will only respond when requested by the departments chief or his designee. We will never self respond or take over unless requested.

VFCA LAST Team Coordinator Information

Chief Steve Kopczynski

Chair VFCA Health and Safety

York County Fire and Life Safety

Cell 757-897-1881

[email protected]


Division Chief (retired) Steve Poff

Roanoke County Fire and Rescue

Cell 540-525-9561

[email protected]

VA L.A.S.T. Resources

The following links contain resources to be used by departments imediately following the death of a public safety officer, prior to the arrival of a Virginia Local Assistance State Team representative (if requested).

LODD Hot Sheet

Public Safety Officer Data Sheet

*(These resources are not meant to serve in the place of a L.A.S.T. representative, but provide guidance to department leadership in the period immediately following the death of a member.) If your department experiences the death of a firefighter or EMS provider, please contact one of the L.A.S.T. team coordinators listed above.