Virginia Fire Chiefs Association


Sponsored by Virginia Fire Chiefs Association
Hosted by Virginia Beach Fire Department
NEW THIS YEAR!  A free fitness challenge for all interested in helping the VFCA demonstrate the importance of
overall health and wellness during the 2023 Virginia Fire & Rescue Conference.  You can sign up as an individual
and/or a team of three to test yourself during a 6- leg challenge course.  Participant/Team times will be posted on the
conference App as well as on a message board at the conference. Whatever name you provide is
how the times will be posted. There is no reward just bragging rights among your peers as well as the demonstration that
Virginia’s firefighters believe in taking care of themselves through fitness and prove it during this conference.
                                                                                 Location:       Harry E. Diezel Fire Training Center
                                                                                                        927 S. Birdneck Road
                                                                                                        Brand New Gym Facility
                                                                        Available times:   Thursday, February 23, 2023 – 0700 – 1600
                                                                                                      Friday, February 24, 2023 – 0700 – 1600
                                                                                                      First Come First Serve
                                                                     We can run either individuals or teams of 3 on a fifteen-minute rotation.
                                                                                      6 LEG CHALLENGE COURSE
75’ sled push
75’ sled rope pull
75’ bear crawl
Tire & Sledge
Sandbag Ladder lift
Front Porch Drill, need your turn out gear only, no SCBA or mask
     10 second penalty added for improper gear placement