Virginia Fire Chiefs Association

Past Presidents


VFCA Past Presidents

* Denotes Deceased

1928-1937 R.S. Baughan* Norfolk Fire-Rescue

1938-1946 James M. Duncan, Jr.* Alexandria Fire Department

1946-1947 L.A. Ballard* Salem Fire and EMS

1947-1948 J.N. Farmer* Petersburg Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services

1948-1949 Garland A. Powers* Newport News Fire Department

1949-1950 Hugh R. Worley* Bristol Fire Department

1950-1951 R.L. Woolard* Norfolk Fire-Rescue

1951-1952 B.J. Padgett* Alexandria Fire Department

1952-1953 C.E. Carlton* West Point Volunteer Fire Department

1953-1954 C.H. Doughtery* Franklin Fire & Rescue Department

1954-1955 Clay A. Easterly* Martinsville Fire & EMS

1956-1957 E.W. Jayne* Williamsburg Fire Department

1957-1958 W.J. Lewis* Norfolk Fire-Rescue

1958-1959 L.M. Bowman* Richmond Fire Department

1959-1960 Willis H. Burton, Jr.* Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department

1960-1961 C.L. Marshall* Charlottesville Fire Department

1961-1962 Lawson W. Osborne* South Boston Fire Department

1962-1963 W. R. Taylor* Fort Lee Fire and Emergency Services

1963-1964 J.H. Clements* Arlington County Fire Department

1964-1965 E.B. Bayne* Virginia Beach Fire Department

1965-1966 Frank F. Hopkins* Hampton Fire & Rescue

1966-1967 K.M. Frost* City of Waynesboro Fire Department

1967-1968 Earl H. Henley* Goochland County Department of Fire-Rescue & Emergency Services

1968-1969 W.C. Bray* Danville Fire Department

1969-1970 L.C. Kingery* Roanoke Fire-EMS

1970-1971 Richard C. Gilman* Henrico County Division of Fire

1971-1972 J.W. Humes* Harrisonburg Fire Department

1972-1973 Lionel S. Key* Charlottesville Fire Department

1973-1974 George H. Alexander* Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department

1974-1975 Julian H. Taliaferro Charlottesville Fire Department

1975-1976 Milton Penn* Alexandria Fire Department

1976-1977 Lloyd J. Gregory* Martinsville Fire & EMS

1977-1978 Odell Benton* Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services

1978-1979 H.E. Dailey* City of Fairfax Fire Department

1979-1980 H.T. Gladding* Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department

1980-1981 C.C. Holt* Roanoke Fire-EMS

1981-1982 Wallace C. Robertson* York County Department of Fire and Life Safety

1982-1983 Walter R. Stickel, Jr.* Henrico County Division of Fire

1983-1984 Alfred A. Savia* City of Fairfax Fire Department

1984-1985 William A. Anderson Lynchburg Fire Department

1985-1986 F. Wesley Dolezel Chesterfield County Fire and EMS

1986-1987 Lynn Miller Winchester Fire & Rescue Department

1987-1988 Thomas Hawkins County Fire Department

1988-1989 Thomas E. Gardner* Norfolk Fire-Rescue

1989-1990 Denny W. Kelly Fredericksburg Fire Department

1990-1991 Thomas C. Fuqua Roanoke County Fire & Rescue Department

1991-1992 M. Russell Rakestraw Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue

1992-1993 James M. Wagenbach* Franklin Fire & Rescue Department

1993-1994 Richard M. Miller James City County Fire Department

1994-1995 Dennis L. Rubin Chesterfield County Fire and Emergency Medical Services

1995-1996 Richard E. Burch, Jr. Hanover County Fire-EMS

1996-1997 Stephen P. Kopczynski York County Department of Fire and Life Safety

1997-1998 Floyd Greene Powhatan County Fire Rescue

1998-1999 James W. Epperly* Christiansburg Fire Department

1999-2001 Edward Plaugher Arlington County Fire Department

2001-2002 Selby C. Jacobs* Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue

2002-2004 James W. “Jimmy” Carter* Virginia Beach Fire Department

2004-2006 James Dishner York County Department of Fire and Life Safety

2006-2007 Willie Howlett James City County Fire Department

2007-2009 R. Christian Eudailey Spotsylvania County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management

2009-2010 James Gray Hampton Fire & Rescue

2010-2011 Charles Werner Charlottesville Fire Department

2011-2012 Jack Jones Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue

2012-2013 Walt Bailey Lynchburg Fire Department

2013-2014 Steve Cover Virginia Beach Fire Department

2014-2015 David Hoback Roanoke Fire-EMS

2015-2016 Dave Layman Hampton Fire & Rescue

2016-2017 William “Pat” Dent Williamsburg Fire Department

2017-2018 Jay Cullinan Spotsylvania County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management

2018-2019 Tony McDowell Henrico County Division of Fire

2019-2020 Scott Garber Staunton Fire & Rescue

2020-2021 Dave Hutcheson Virginia Beach Fire Department

2021-2022 Keith Johnson Loudoun County Fire and Rescue

2022-2023 John Prillaman Salem Fire Department

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