You may join the VFCA by filling out the online form or by downloading our application and mailing it in with a check.

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MEMBERSHIP TYPES AND FEES (Memberships are non-transferrable)


Career Fire Chief or other Officer (chief; line; administrative; other)
Renewal or New Member ........................................... $75.00

Volunteer Fire Chief or other officer (chief; line; administrative; other)
Renewal or New Member ........................................... $40.00

Fire Fighter or Company Officer
Renewal or New Member ........................................... $40.00


Individuals in professions allied to the fire service.

This includes Sections: Public Education; Administrative Professionals; Emergency Services; Apparatus Maintenance; Technical Rescue or other areas who are not covered under Active)

Renewal or New Member........................................... $40.00


Representatives of companies with an interest in fire prevention, fire suppression, insurance, or other fire-service-related products

Renewal or New Member.......................................... $100.00


Individuals who have been selected to receive Life or Honorary Life Membership in the Association by a vote of the Members

Administrative Fee for Renewal or New Member.......................................... $20.00

Why you should join the VFCA...or, what do you get for your money?

Your membership in the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association makes you a member of the Virginia Fire Chiefs Foundation, the companion non-profit educational organization that offers educational seminars, the Virginia Fire Officer Academy, the scholarship program and other such worthy programs. It’s a full palette of programs and services from which you can choose those of particular interest to you, the VFCA member.

1. Career Development

Virginia Fire & Rescue Conference

The premier fire and emergency services conference offering a mix of association business, networking and over 40 educational sessions during the event. The Virgnia Fire & Rescue Conference is a cost and time efficient way to sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge base and broaden your fire service network.

Virginia Fire Officer Academy

This award winning four-and-a-half-day program assists fire and emergency services professionals to move from a tactical view to a comprehensive strategic view of fire and emergency services, operations, personnel safety, and administration. Participants will enhance their professional development through a unique four and one-half day hands-on, interactive learning experience designed to provide a better understanding of the relationship between leadership, ownership and safety.
Educational Seminars

From broad-based tactical and fire ground training to more focused programs such as “Horse Sense” that hones and prepares officers to lead and manage their organizations on a day-to-day basis.

2. Information & Idea Exchange

Commonwealth Chief Magazine

Touted as one of the country’s best fire and emergency services organization member publications, Commonwealth Chief magazine puts the latest thinking and current issues – as well as all you need to know about your association – in your hands on a quarterly basis.

Exhibitor Trade Show

The exhibitor show, held in conjunction with the Annual Conference, presents a unique opportunity for chiefs, company officer’s, firefighters and others to spend quality time with the vendors who provide the very latest in technology, products and services utilized by today’s modern fire service.

VFCA Website at

Your source for the latest wide-ranging information about the association and its activities at your fingertips – 24/7. Register on-line or download a conference registration application, peruse the latest and back issues of Commonwealth Chief magazine, or obtain LODD information. VFCA’s website is changing continually to provide you with the information you need when you need it!

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities occur throughout the year to learn informally from your peers. At VFCA events or on the Website, you can connect with the fire chiefs and other fire service personnel from around the state who share your concerns, but from a slightly different perspective.

3. Political Action

Legislative Summit

VFCA leadership plays a leading role in the Annual Legislative Summit where major fire/EMS organizations from across the Commonwealth come together to decide what legislative issues are important and relative in today’s ever changing environment.


Members and leaders take the fire service story directly to state and federal elected representatives to work for laws and regulations that enhance your ability to provide safe communities. VFCA appointments to many state boards and advisory bodies ensure fire and emergency services input on actions that affect us all.

4. Personal/Family

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Each VFCA member is provided with AD&D insurance benefits in the event an unexpected tragedy should strike.

Reduced Registration Fee’s

Members are provided a reduced registration fee at the Annual MAE&S.

The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association has sponsored or helped to secure the following items/programs:

  • Created the Virginia Fire Officers Academy
  • Assistance to Firefighters Grant (FIRE Act) program
  • Aid to Localities (ATL), Fire Programs Fund
  • Death benefit for firefighters killed in the line of duty
  • The Annual Congressional Representative’s Luncheon
  • Funding to implement the SAFER Act
  • Addressed communications interoperability issues at local, state and national levels
  • Sensitive information sharing listserv for VA Fire Chiefs
  • National Fallen Firefighters Walk of Honor
  • The Statewide Mutual Aid Program
  • Legislation to enhance in-building radio coverage
  • Testified before Congress regarding homeland security/terrorism
  • Moving State Fire Marshall’s Office from DHCD to VDFP