Virginia Fire Chiefs Association


The VFCA has five sections for members to participate in. For more information about the section or about participating with it, contact the section’s president.

The VFCA Company Officer’s Section facilitates mentorship and succession planning for future fire service leaders through education, leadership, and advocacy.

President: Michael Hirsch,

The mission of the Administrative Professionals Section (APS) is to:

  • Provide quality assistance to the fire service and our community
  • Maintain a working partnership with administrative professionals
  • Enhance communication and sharing of information through networking and technology
  • Provide opportunities for education and training

President: Melissa Heiderman,

The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association – Federal/ Military Section continues to serve as a voice and advocate for all Federal/ Military fire and emergency service organizations throughout the commonwealth. This section is fully committed to continuous advancement of education, leadership, and advocacy throughout federal/military fire and emergency service departments in Virginia.

President: Julian Crolet,

One of the primary goals of the Life Safety/Community Risk Reduction Section of the VFCA is to establish better communication with local fire officials and to ensure a safer commonwealth through our combined efforts.  The Virginia fire service has seen many challenges over the past few years with the fire code adoption process, the need for better training for fire marshal’s and concerns for safety in school buildings. This section strives to be a stronger voice in the Virginia code change process, and work with partners to bring a clear and professional voice to fire safety concerns in Virginia. 

President: Jay Davis,

Established in 2023

President:  Samantha Green

Vice President: Abbey Johnston

Secretary:  Nicole Fazio

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